Parenting Advice for Single Parents on Raising Children

One of the toughest jobs that anyone in the world can have is that of a parent. Raising children is even more difficult for those who have to undertake the job without having a partner to help parent the kids.

Single parents face many more challenges because they often have to be both mother and father as well as hold down a job to keep a roof over their family’s heads and put food on the table. It’s hard to be everything to everyone but with these parenting help, you will learn how to be effectively raising children without pulling out all of your hair.

Playing With Your Children – A Great Benefit For Parent and Child

By John Emmanuel

Playing with your children is always a treat and helping them learn a new skill through play is even more exciting. Role-play, for example, is an excellent way to help your children learn acceptance. Keeping your kids occupied is all about fun and it is a great way to discourage acting out. Many parents face the age old dilemma of keeping their kids occupied and finding a solution to childhood boredom can seem overwhelming.


Parents care deeply about their children and want the best for them. They are the first teachers in their children’s lives but often live in constant doubt about whether they are doing an adequate job. In a working orientated society they rarely have enough time and space to talk and think about their children. There is often a lot of built-up stress that accumulates due to this situation. With all that is expected of parents they sometimes forget how much it means to kids when a grown up is talking to them and not at them. Parents don’t always have all the answers. Parents and providers are given a wonderful opportunity to help children as they grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively during their first five years of life. Paying attention to play, planning for it and encouraging it with age-appropriate toys and games will achieve a much stronger bond between child and adult carer.


Children feel safest in family surroundings where they are physically comfortable. Every child is a learning machine until they are trained to behave like young adults and are confined to desks and told to act appropriately. All children need a trusting relationship with their parents. They often communicate through their actions, their play, and by showing their emotions. Children need to be reminded over and over that they are doing well, that they are good, that we care about them, and that we are so happy that they are a part of us. Children and teenagers need you to give them information and positive feedback, they also need to blow up every now and then. Play is an excellent way to achieve all of the above.

Experts say role-playing with your children is a good idea. Working and playing with your children is always a joy and a lot of positive emotions are brought to the surface. Sometimes playing with your children is the best healing we will ever find. Children love to play with their parents. An unbreakable bond is formed when you spend quality time with them. You will find this is a great way to stay connected to them. Simple games for children can bring relief for both the adult and the child and provide all important breathing space. But the reality is that keeping your kids occupied is a moving target, especially in the digital age. The key to keeping your kids occupied is in the preparation, having a stash of ideas and activities to hand is essential. Keeping your kids occupied alleviates their boredom and is the best way to stay sane.

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How to Deal With Kid’s Fears

By Kum Martin

Kids have a vivid imagination and at times, this imagination can cause to kids to ends being afraid of things that they should not fear. It has been seen that many kids are afraid of the dark and will refuse to enter a room that is dark. Many parents consider this normal and feel that the kids will outgrow this fear sooner or later. However, parents have to realize that children being afraid is not normal and they should make it a point to find out what has created that fear in them. Also, fear should be age specific. So, parents should also figure out what is normal for a child to be afraid of at a particular age.

When you find that your child is afraid of something and showing high degrees of fear, you have two alternative before you — one, you can take the child to a psychologists and get the fear treated professionally; or second, you can decide to deal wit this fear on your own. If you are planning the latter, it is important that you support your kid. Make sure you let you kid know that you will always be there for them and that you take the fear very seriously. It is not a joking matter for you. Then, spend some time talking about the fear with your kid. Let them know that you are not ridiculing them or making fun of their fear. This way the child will be better equipped emotionally to handle fear situations when you are not around. It will ease the anxiety that you child feels and he or she will be secure knowing that they are loved and safe because of you. It will make them more confident and help them overcome their fear.

Finally, teach your kids strategies to overcome the emotions they feel when put in a situation where the feeling of being afraid become overpowering. Teach them relaxing techniques, techniques for visualization, breathing techniques to help with the anxiety and self-affirmations. It has been seen that sports is quite helpful in handling situations like these as it teaches kids self control.

Just make sure that you support your kid and help them through with the fear. And, when you do this, your kid can overcome his or her fear with due to time.

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